What Is WordPress ?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), which permits the clients to build dynamic websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular blogging framework on the web and permits updating, customizing and managing the website from its back-end CMS and components.

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How WordPress Works?

WordPress began as only a blogging framework but has evolved to be used as a full content management system.

  • Personal blog
  • Business website
  • Professional portfolio
  • Magazine
  • News website
  • E-commerce Application


WordPress needs two segments to work on your web server: PHP and MySQL.

WordPress is written in PHP language which makes it dynamic. PHP is a server-side language, which means, it runs on your web server before a page is served to the browser.PHP is really one of the most well-known languages on the web today.

It is incredible at adding information to databases and extricating data from them dependent on given criteria. From here, that information can be embedded into an HTML page.

On the other hand, MySQL is an open-source relational database management system, which is the standardized language used to access the database.

Users have access to the database where information of various types can be created, updated, read and deleted (CRUD). MySQL is the second most used database management system in the world and is incredibly quick at reacting to inquiries.

Presently, remember that WordPress functions on three levels:

  • It provides an easy interface (known as the dashboard,it is referred to as working in the “Back-End” of your site) for website owners to manage their content database.
  • It creates MySQL queries for the database, gets the information and publishes the page containing the necessary information on the way when it is mentioned by a browser.
  • It offers various plugins, themes and shortcodes with the aim that any functionality a website owner desires can be added to the website.

Our Services

  • WordPress Web Development:

Permit us to build your WordPress website and you will be satisfied to have us ready. We start from base, and build attracting and responsive websites to bring over the top traffic with greater conversion rate.

  • WordPress E-Commerce:

Having E-commerce in your website encourages organizations to lessen the expense to create process, circulate, recover and deal with the paper based data by digitizing the information. Influence the fantastic capability of WordPress for online business and high-performing B2B and B2C solutions!

  • WordPress Customization:

We offer completely adaptable plan for our clients to meet their marketing  and objectives. We serve various necessities of every business by creating customized plug-ins, extensions, and custom WordPress websites that let them beat their adversaries.

  • WordPress Migration and Upgrade:

If you wish to relocate to WordPress from your current CMS, we will make the importing process smooth and expel inconvenience, a hurdle-free yet secure migration from a different platform to WordPress

  • PSD to WordPress Conversion:

We offer PSD to WordPress change by utilizing the best in class technological infrastructure, to create quick-loading, SEO-friendly websites. This platform makes sure about a top spot among the best CMS available over the web.

  • WordPress Maintenance & Support:

Our WordPress website maintenance service permits you to focus on your business with no limits and also we take care and protect your website. Further to development services, have confidence of our comprehensive maintenance and quality help.